Cross Stitch Country Christmas Book by Brenda Keyes

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Designed to evoke the atmosphere of a traditional country Christmas, these 50 cross-stitch projects include cards, decorations and gifts, many of which are small, inexpensive and easy to make, whilst others are more adventurous. There is a chart and detailed instructions for each project.


Brenda Keyes has written a number of cross stitch books with grace and style and this is no exception. Her motifs vary from a very simple but formal "Gloria...Deo," framed in gold to North American/Canadian Winter Cabins & Trees, Baroque/Arcaic Stylized ornaments and Scandinavian Santas among many others. Dating from 1988 the charts are in black and white but may be enlarged easily. She has lovely alphabet pieces and simple motifs in varying sizes(and types)for ornaments or to be used on holiday decorations,pillows,linens or samplers. There is a very sweet Plumb Pudding Teddy dressed in Apron and Mop-Cap that would please any young girl. There are sacks for gifts, and lovely pictures in a wide variety of styles. This is a very good resource piece for simple and quick ornaments to stitch as gift sets for family, friends or as hostess gifts. Her designs range from the simple and straight forward to the complex(see "Christmas Alphabet" picture on pg.31.)vs. "Round Robin "on pg. 35. vs. the "Three Wisemen" silhouette pg. 81. Unique to most books, Brenda includes a nice selection of miniature motif ornaments also. All together, this is a classic that has stood the test of time for the past 22 years and will continue to be one that other's are measured against.