Pepin the Younger, RE-558

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RE-558 2
Level of Difficulty:
Level 5 - Big League
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This fine art counted cross stitch pattern entitled Pepin the Younger designed from a painting by Louis-Felix Amiel shows Pepin the Younger, a Frankish prince, who was the eldest son of King Charlemagne and noblewoman Himiltrude.  Pepin developed a curvature of the spine at an early age shortly after birth and was given the nickname "hunchback" by early historians.  After his father remarried, Pepin continued to live at his father's court.  Instead of promoting his eldest son, King Charlemagne began to promote his youngest son in a place of royalty and gave him the title Pepin of Italy.  He also began to take steps to disinherit his eldest son Pepin.  Pepin took notice of this plot, saw it as a threat and attempted a coup upon his father, but his plans were foiled before they could come to fruition.  When King Charlemagne was made aware of the coup, instead of putting Pepin to death, his father placed him in exile at a monastery.  Here we see Pepin the Younger holding his scepter and wearing a crown as a prince.  Only full cross stitches are used in our patterns. No blended colors are used. We only use an abundance of solid colors as it produces a more realistic effect.

Artist: Louis-Felix Amiel

Stitch Count: 288w x 370h
Fabric: Aida, Antique White

Four approximate finished sizes:
14,16,18 and 22 Count

Final Pattern Sizes:
14 Count, 20-1/2w X 26-3/8h in
16 Count, 18w X 23-1/8h in
18 Count, 16w X 20-1/2h in   (Kit comes in 18 count size)
22 Count, 13w X 16-3/4h in


*Please Note: The above dimensions do not include frame or mat.

Number of Colors Used: 109

What you will receive!!! Our patterns arrive with a color visual photo of finished design, wash and care instructions, handy tips for working the pattern, instruction sheet detailing color of fabric, sizes, a complete color listing including number of skeins to purchase. The pages are safely enclosed in a clear, reclosable polybag.