Customer Comments

To our customers, we would like to thank you for your continued patronage and the many nice and wonderful compliments you continue to send us regarding our cross stitch patterns.  It is most appreciated!    


Email Message from Sjoukje G. from British Columbia, Canada on February 2nd, 2023 


I just want to say how much I love your kits, and the beautiful pictures that come out when finished.

Email Message from Carol P. from Springfield, MO on October 28th, 2021 

These are photos of a work I completed in 2020. I entered it in our regional fair and won the blue ribbon for best in my class. I also entered it in our Missouri State Fair where I won the blue ribbon for best in my class, as well as the purple ribbon, for best in Counted Cross Stitch Division. 


Carol P.

Springfield, MO



Email Message from Joan C. of Australia on September 21st, 2021


I am not complaining, just letting you know that I have not yet received this latest order so that you are aware of the apparent delays in delivery.

The tracking indicates that the package was at Chicago on 25 August, but nothing further.

Here in Australia, and particularly in Sydney where I live, we have had lockdowns and a lot of on-line deliveries have been affected.

I am expecting the delivery any day, and I am not concerned if I have to wait a while longer.

I do love your Sunrays Creations patterns. I have recently finished my Covid project – the Writing of the Declaration of Independence – 18 months. Now have to wait for our lockdown to end to arrange framing.

(I previously did your Pantheon, which I adore, Pemberley and Connemara.)

I am telling all my friends that your cross-stitch is the main reason I have minimized my anxiety about Covid and the lockdowns and maintained some composure. As I live alone, with a cat (communication is difficult as I don’t speak Cat and he doesn’t speak English), life has been difficult, not meeting friends and having usual activities curtailed. But your cross-stitch has kept me going.

I still have a couple of your patterns to do – an elephant one in particular – but I will be looking forward to doing the Roman Forum when it arrives.

Please understand that I am not worried about this delay. I am sure it will turn up eventually.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


Click Here to see the Pattern on website   

Email Message from Magdalena G. of Poland on December 23rd, 2020    


I just wanted to share my satisfaction and pride - please find attached my finished work Thou Rose of All Roses. Thank you once again for this beautiful project, that took me 7 years. I hope you will also enjoy the final result.

With kind regards from Poland,
Magdalena G.


 Click here to see the pattern on website

 Chat Message from Rita K. on May 9th, 2020   

I didn't know the email address so sending this note via you hoping you will pass it on.I have just completed "Barn in the Grand Teton Mountains, AL-143.   It was a joy to stitch and came out just as the picture provided.  The colors are so vibrant. I have a new stitch that I will be starting from you as well. It is Dawn at Silver Creek, ALK-25. I look forward to this stitch knowing the product is just perfect.

Thank you, 

Rita K. (Note: I provided Rita our email and she sent us a pic of the finished project.  Absolutely stunning Rita.)


 Click here to see the pattern on website

Voicemail from one of our customers on November 6th, 2019  

Yes, I'm calling to say that I just completed one of your cross stitching. It's the Gretchen making Christmas cookies, and I had so much fun doing it. It took me six and half months, but she turned out beautiful, and I just wanted to say thank you for putting out such a good product and that has brought me so much enjoyed it in fun. Thank you very much, and I'm excited to pick out my next pattern I want to do from yep. All right. My phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thank you.   

Email from our customer, Karen E. of Myrtle Beach, SC on December 4th, 2018  


To all involved in creating the cross stitch pattern “Departure of the Soul” by Louis Janmot, a very big THANK YOU!! I received the pattern very quickly and in excellent condition yesterday. I have been seeking this particular art piece by Janmot-as a counted cross stitch pattern- for the past four years or so without any success. You made my day and my holiday!

Wishing you the best of holidays!
Karen E.

Myrtle Beach, SC  

Product Review from our customer, Kenneth C. Magnolia on Red Velvet, FL-23 November. 18, 2018


Loving It

I took a stitching break for about 15 years and after seeing my cousin stitching a Sunrays Creations piece I ordered one and jumped back in with both feet. I’m loving the challenge of a full patterned piece and am having a hard time putting it down. These are beautiful patterns and I have 3 more waiting in the wings.


Product Review from our customer, Paul L. Passing Storm 18-CT Kit Jan. 16, 2018


First, the kits are very complete and provide easily understood instructions. I completed a previous kit (Gypsy Girl SP-04) that was a challenging level that took me over 24 months. Don't ignore taking on these cross stitch kits because of the time it took me to complete. I wanted the challenge, but even more, I wanted the choice of kits Sunray Creations provided based on the realism of the end results. My Gypsy Girl has had those who have viewed my framed picture believing they are looking at an art print or a blown-up image. They cannot believe until they get up close to observe the small stitch. I am looking forward to the completion of Passing Storm in the future, and together with the Gypsy Girl, will be two pieces that I am planning to leave to my son and his family as a pass-down gift. Thanks. 


Email from our customer, Marilyn O. of Canada on January 11th, 2018 

Thank you Thomas

I'm looking forward to  it.  There are so many beautiful designs on Sunrays... I don't think there is any better site on the internet for good cross-stitch patterns.  One thing that, in my internet browsing, I haven't found are many Dutch or Norwegian (Scandinavian) patterns. I see lovely work done by my husbands long-time friends -- but  can't find the patterns.  I'm a senior -- so this work is a very enjoyable pastime -- fortunately, thankfully,  my eyesight is really pretty good.  I also do Norwegian hardanger -- this is one way to enjoyably spend my winter days (when I'm not outside gardening). I sure wish that Nidaros Cathedral would allow someone to put their beautiful window into a pattern!

blessings and thanks

Marilynn O

Ontario, Canada 


Email from our customer, Thomas B. of Florida on November 28th, 2017  

My wife thoroughly loves her patterns (obviously). The way they are setup and organized are very clear and easy to work with, and she has given up ever buying any of the "Dimensions Gold" patterns in favor of these.


Thomas B. MS PE SI


Email from our customer, Thomas B. of Florida on October 12th, 2017

Thank you so much!!  We love your patterns, my wife just finished the yellow canoe yesterday. 


Thomas B. MS PE SI




Email from our customer, Leslie T. of Australia on May 11th, 2017 

This is definitely the best cross stitch web site. Their patterns are the best at depiction of subjects and their service and consideration for their customers are second to none. My finished and framed Madam Pompadour in my lounge room is a hit with family and visitors alike, and I am confident my works in progress will be as equally breathtaking. 

Lesley T.




Email from our customer, Joan C. of Australia on November 3rd, 2016


Further to my previous email, I have now had the completed needlework framed and attach a photo.

It was such an achievement for me to finish (nearly two years’ work) but I really enjoyed it.

The colours are vibrant and bright. Anyone who likes the colour green will find this project lovely to work with.

I now have to choose between 4 of your other designs (already purchased) – they are all so wonderful I don’t know where to start.

Thank you for the designs,

Joan C.








Feedback from our Amazon customer Erica B. of WI on October 1st, 2016


My order arrived ahead of the estimated date, with no issues. The seller contacted me ahead of time to make sure I understood that this was NOT a kit - which I do appreciate. I was aware that this was a pattern only - but can understand why they make a point of making sure this is clear. I look forward to starting this project, and will remember Sunrays Creations for future needs! 

Feedback from our Amazon customer Linda B. of FL


Very pleased with both the product and the service. This company seems to understand and embrace "customer service". I won't hesitate to use them again in the future. 




Letter via email from our customer, Joan C. on August 31st, 2016


I have finally finished the “Pantheon” cross-stitch pattern, and am about to have it framed. It was extremely time-consuming and at times difficult with many sections of 1 colour thread for 1 stitch, but I have thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

I love the green colours particularly, which kept my interest the whole time.

I am trying to attach a photo for you. The photo seems to show the canvas not being straight, but I had worked it on a frame (and kept firmly straight) and hopefully it will be straight when framed.

Now, on to other projects.

Thank you for the designs,


Joan C.




Pantheon Counted Cross Stitch Pattern



Letter in the mail from our customer, Debra M. on August 11th, 2016


Dear Ms. Kramer, 


I am enclosing a photograph of the finished project for your design Nature's Stained Glass Effect, AL-83.  I wanted to see how it looks on 32 count over one thread, professionally framed.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 14 months it took to make this design and I am hoping you have other designs similar in effect.


 I usually stitch reproductions of impressionist paintings but when I saw your design I knew I had to reproduce it.


 I just want to thank you for your creation.  It was a pleasure to stitch and I look forward to future projects.




Debra M.


Valrico, FL


stainedglasseffect-original.jpg stainedglasseffect-cropped.jpg




Email from our customer, Linda J. on June 5th, 2016


Dear Sunrays Creations,


In 2010, my daughter purchased the pattern for the attached project from you and gave it to me as a surprise. I have loved the painting since I first saw it in an art book back in the early 1970's. I didn't start it for two years and it took me nearly 3 1/2 years to complete. I thought you might like to see the finished product. I also want to thank you for charting this beautiful painting. I am thrilled with it and everyone who has seen it so far is amazed that it's cross stitch and not an actual painting. As soon as I finish a birth sampler and Christmas stocking for my newest granddaughter, I'm going to start another "real" cross stitch. I can't wait!




Linda J.





Princess Marie Franziska, RE-593


Email from our customer, Janet O. on June 4th, 2016

You have some of the best patterns I've seen in my many years of cross stitching.  I am wondering if you have a pattern of someone sitting and cross stitching. I thought I had seen one with a woman sitting cross stitching by a large window with I think it was a garden view outside.  I'm still working on one of your patterns that I previously purchased. Wonderful charts to work with! Colors and details are awesome! Thank you.



Amazon review from Lois Sanders on April 27, 2016

2000px-5-stars.svg.png5.0 out of 5 stars Timeless Charm
By Lois Sanders on April 27, 2016
Verified Purchase

This cross stitch pattern is adorable. It's nostalgic charm is timeless. I can't wait to finish and frame for my dinette area. What a wonderful memory this pattern evokes, and hopefully for my daughters and my grandchildren for years to come. I received a nice thank you note from the seller, and my order was received promptly. My only wish is that there were more patterns to pair with this one. I'm very happy with my purchase!


Email from our Amazon customer Donna S. on April 22nd, 2016

Both of your products are awesome. Haven't had a chance to start either. Can't rate you on Amazon because have to do it from my phone and they never accept it, I have tried before and failed. But will definitely tell people I got the pattern from you. You do marvelous work. Donna

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Personal Email received on September 15th, 2014 from Mimi C.

I purchased your kit from Herrschners in Dec.2013. I am totally in love with the picture. As I stitched I began to wonder where the painting originated, what country it came from and the age? Do you know the artists name? Since it is my desire to keep this piece as a family heirloom it would be nice to have any information on the back of the frame. This is my first experience with a Sunrayscreations. Now I realize it is high art needle-work and I eagerly look forward to giving my precious free time to its completion. I recently obtained the Needle Organizer & find it a time saver. Once finished with my Angel I'm looking forward to working a Sunrayscreations vintage 1930s cutie.

In closing I must tell you how impressed I was with your detailed & perfect instructions. Thank you for your knowledge & efforts to bring these beautiful art works to the general public. You have raised the lowly cross stitch to a stitch of lasting beauty.

Sincerely your partner in the love of threads,
Mimi C.

Note from Sunrays Creations: Mimi was kind enough to send an image of her needlework in progress. Great Stitching Mimi! (See Below)



 Voicemail received on Sept 9, 2014 from Glen W. from Mississippi

"My name is Glen W. of Mississippi.  I just wanted to call and to let Tracey, Kramer know how good these patterns are.  I’ve been stitching for 20 something years, and these are the best patterns that I have run across.  And I appreciate the patterns and the way they’re done and the way they’re presented.  And I just wanted to say thank you for your patterns.


Personal Email received on September 5th, 2013 from Nga L. 

Today my daughter who knows I am really crazy about cross stitch, she showed me your website, oh my god!  I smile in tears, all your creation are so imagine, they really make my dream come true.  I love them all!!!!!  One more time I want to say I am so glad to see all of your products.  Thank you for your creation!  Thanks so much for listening to me!!!!!!!


Personal Email received on April 15, 2013 from Janna M. 

I came across your website by accident, and I feel like I found a treasure.  I could not believe that such beautiful patterns exist!  I love to cross stitch, and I spend almost all of my free time working on projects.  Now that I found this website, I’m very excited to start one of your projects.  Thank you very much for having such a lovely collection!


Personal Email received from A.

Your patterns are just beautiful.  I’m currently working on The Fisherman and the Siren by Sir Frederick Leighton, and I would like to order Hylas and the Nymphs (RE-137) and A Mermaid (RE-20), both by Waterhouse, for my next projects.  I am wondering if the offer for a third pattern for free is still available and how I would go about it using the cart if it is.  The third pattern I’m interested in is Fairy Lying on a Leaf (FS-19).  I am also wondering if you have any plans to add more mermaid patterns anytime soon?  I’m sure the above list of patterns will keep me busy for awhile to say the least so there is no rush, but I would be very interested to see The Land Baby by John Collier.  Thanks.  I hope to hear from you soon.


Personal Email received on October 20th, 2012 from Donna.

Love your patterns, new to the site and I am just in awe at what I see from you!


Personal Email received on August 8th, 2012 from Donna S. of Australia

"Just letting you know that I received my cross stitch patterns today.  They look fantastic and cannot wait to start them.  We never seem to get these types of cross stitch patterns here in Australia (maybe I am looking in the wrong places).  Anyway thank you all so much and have a good day."

Sincerely Donna


Personal Email received on May 21, 2012 from Laurie.

  “OXOXOOXOX . . . Tracey & Staff & keep up the good work.


Personal Email received on May 25th, 2011 from Sarah. 

I am stunned!!! Wow!!!! They look amazing, because II have looked at other ‘fine art’ cross stitch patterns etc on other sites, and these are the best I have seen!!!!!!!  I definitely am going to buy one . . . I get paid on Tuesday, so in the meantime I will try and make a choice coz you’ve got too many that I want.  I’m sorry, I can’t get over how good they look!  I wasn’t expecting it to be as good a result of the detail.  Many thanks and you definitely got a new regular customer.  Can’t wait till Tuesday rolls in.  Many thanks!


 Personal Email received on May 16,2010 from J.M.

"Must compliment you on the quality & clarity of your charts.  In over 30 years of stitching, yours rank as some of the best charts I've found.  Easy to read, outstanding binding format. clear symbols, just a joy to look at & know how easy they will be to work.  Suggestion for future charts: please chart the left half of The Youth of Bacchus so that it can be combined with the chart you have now to complete the painting; would love to see you chart IL Sodoma's St Sebastian from the Pitti Palace, it would fit well with your other offerings; MORE BOUGUEREAU !!! & other French Academians of the 19th century.  A pleasure doing business with you.  Thanks again for challenging charts for serious needle workers."


 Personal Email received on October 14th, 2008 from Sarah V.  

I don’t know if it means that much, but I have started a sewing circle here with my friends and your wonderful patterns.  It has been really great to connect to the tradition of needlework and feminine energy in this crazy modern world. 


 Personal Email received on October 2, 2005 from Shirley Q. 

 I have just found your beautiful website.  I have a couple of questions before ordering.  I am interested in the angels portion of cross stitch.  


Personal Email from anonymous 

I finally started one of your charts, and find them to be amazing to watch them “come to fruition” and fun to do.  The backgrounds can get somewhat toilsome, but it adds to the uniqueness of the picture.  Can’t quite digest that “parking method.”  I use a device where I have all needles threaded with the corresponding symbols and take as I need them, along with a year-long habit of penciling in the squares.  Thanks for the sale days! 


Personal Email from Sara M. in Pakistan. 

Hi!  I am Sara M. from Karachi.  I love cross stitch and like this website.  Will you tell me if you have any shop in Karachi Pakistan?  Lovely patterns. How can I get all these??