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Tackling Big Cross Stitch Projects; Tips for the Adventurous Stitcher

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Who’s Afraid of the BIG projects?  Are you ready to tackle that big cross stitch project that has been waiting in the rear of your closet?  Big projects can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be.  One of the things that keeps you from wanting to get started is deciding what to use to hold your fabric in place while stitching.  It can be overwhelming at times, but if you are able to pick out a frame or method of containing the project, half the battle is over.

The first thing you have to do is get all of your supplies you will need for stitching. Get all of your floss together for the project.  I personally use what is called a project box that holds all of my floss for that particular project.

Next, decide what you will use to hold the fabric in place.Large wooden dowel floor frames such as K's Creations Stow-away Portable Floor Stand which is what I have (can adjust up to 26 inches), and the lap frame with scroll frame or clamp (will adjust to 34 inches), and if you still prefer to work on a frame for an even larger project, a large floor model rug frame could be used as a stand-in for your larger projects—not just for cross stitch, but also for needlepoint tapestries.

Now if the stitching project is even larger, (like for a table cloth to fit a very large table or a blanket for a king-size bed), then your best bet would be to use a Q-snap frame of some sort, or a large embroidery hoop.  That way, the framing can be moved to whatever location you want provided you use binder clips or pins to keep the fabric off the ground and free from getting dirty.  To give you an example, I have a narrow needlepoint project that is approximately 15 inches in width and nearly 40 inches long.  I have a frame big enough for the project; however, because of the project being so long, I cannot wrap all of that canvas up in my scroll frame as the frame will lose traction due to the thickness created from the length of the canvas wrapped around it. So, to keep the extra canvas out of the way, I’ve affixed binder clamps to the bottom sides and they work perfectly.

    1. Q-Snap Frame:

    1.  Embroidery Hoop

    Since you are working on a large project, it’s important to pace yourself. Either you can work on it exclusively or when you get tired of it, switch to something more short-term and then go back to the larger project. Whatever works best for you is fine as long as     you enjoy your project!


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