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Movies to Stitch By

Great Movies that Show Women Stitching

  1. The Heiress

  2. Pride and Prejudice

  3. North and South

  4. Victoria and Albert

  5. The Romance Collection Special Edition (Collection of British Films that show women stitching.)

  6. Coal Miner's Daughter (Small Scene. Patsy Cline is shown stitching while talking to Loretta)

  7. Wuthering Heights

  8. Driving Miss Daisy

  9. Little Women

  10. The Round Tower (Catherine Cookson)

We are now listing movies that show women stitching in them.  These movies are also great movies to stitch to.  I don't know about you, but from one fellow stitcher to another, I get a personal thrill when I see characters in movies stitching.  It makes me feel connected to that person.  For we are ladies of standing as we are all part of a great class of our own for those of us who love to stitch, and for those of us who enjoy all types of needlework, whether it be embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint, punch needle, etc.  If you are interested in viewing these films, you can order by clicking the links below and purchasing on