In Awe of His Creation, AN-34

$9.60 - $37.50
AN-34 2
This angel counted cross stitch pattern entitled In Awe of His Creation shows angel and her friend admiring all that God has created, and they are overwhelmed by his majesty.  Only full cross stitches are used in our patterns. No blended colors are used. We only use an abundance of solid colors as it produces a more realistic effect. 
Stitch Count: 104w x 102h
Fabric: Aida, Antique White

Four approximate finished sizes:
14,16,18 and 22 Count

Final Pattern Sizes:
14 Count,  7-3/8w X 7-1/4h in  
16 Count,  6-1/2w X 6-3/8h in   (Kit comes in 16 count size)  
18 Count,  5-3/4w X 5-5/8h in  
22 Count,  4-5/8w X 4-5/8h in  


*Please Note:  The above dimensions do not include frame or mat.

Number of Colors Used: 37