Organizing your Stash Made Easy

Organizing your Stash Made Easy

Posted by Tracey M. Kramer on 17th Apr 2016

   From This, To This!

From Clutter to This

A week ago I wrote about my needlework stashes all over the house in every room. The clutter seemed to be getting the best of me, but I think I’ve solved the problem. I will not be betting rid of any of my projects, but I simply will make the areas look much neater. I went to Target and purchased two storage systems on wheels which were quite reasonable. You can do this too--clean up clutter! The ones I found were a two-drawer system I purchased at Target that I use in my bedroom, and the 3-drawer system is smaller, but I use it in my closet.

I have an additional storage system with multiple drawers in my living room which is a lot more expensive, but I was willing to pay the extra money for storage that goes with my décor and furniture. 

Neater and More Organized

Purchasing storage carts not only makes things look neater, but it gets you organized for your next project. For instance, in my 2-drawer system, I like this system because the drawers are very deep which allow me to fit lots of skeins of yarn in them. The skeins of yarn are separated by color. I placed the light colored yarn in one drawer and the darker colors in the other. The 3-drawer system in my closet is divided by project. All yarn pertaining to a certain or particular project is placed in a drawer. Things look a little neater in there, but it wasn’t enough, so I may be purchasing more to get all of my yarn and projects off the floor and into something which will keep them nice, clean and organized.