Pearl, GM-04

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GM-04 2
Level of Difficulty:
Level 4 - Challenging

This gemstone beauty counted cross stitch pattern entitled Pearl designed by Tracey Marvel Kramer showcases pearls and how they look on our model.  She is posing inside a large oyster shell lined with pearls.  Pearls are created by a particle of sand irritating an oyster that, in turn, secretes a substance that coats that particle which grows bigger and finally big enough to become a pearl.  Pearls are beautiful and are actually rare.  They were hard to come by, and many a diver who ventured into the ocean looking for oysters from which to extract the pearls often ended up with naught. Furthermore, to find an actual pearl is a rare prize indeed.  Pearls were often considered a sign of wealth.  Even royalty had a difficult time acquiring pearls to adorn their bodies and decorate their clothing and crowns, and it was a sign of high social status.  Greeks believed that pearls were actually God’s tears and that by wearing them on your wedding day, you would be devoid of any reason for tears in your marriage going into the future.  Freshwater pearls are mainly found in China, Japan, Australia, and Polynesia.  The symbolic traits associated with pearls are purity, balance, and wisdom.    

Artist: Tracey Marvel Kramer

Stitch Count: 324w x 254h
Fabric: Aida, Antique White

Four approximate finished sizes:
14,16,18 and 22 Count

Final Pattern Sizes:
14 Count, 23-1/8w X 18-1/8h in
16 Count, 20-1/4w X 15-7/8h in
18 Count, 18w X 14h in  (Kit comes in 18 count size)
22 Count, 14-5/8w X 11-1/2h in


*Please Note: The above dimensions do not include frame or mat.

Number of Colors Used: 116

What you will receive!!! Our patterns arrive with a color visual photo of finished design, wash and care instructions, handy tips for working the pattern, instruction sheet detailing color of fabric, sizes, a complete color listing including number of skeins to purchase. The pages are safely enclosed in a clear, reclosable polybag.

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