3 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cross Stitch Today

Posted by Tracey Kramer on 1st Jun 2019

What are Some Things That Can Be Made from Cross Stitch?

Cross stitch is most often used to create a picture of an image whether it be a landscape or a portrait of someone. But cross stitch is also versatile in ways you may not think. For instance, it can also be used to make bell pulls, Christmas stockings, afghans, used to decorate tablecloths, pillowcases, and is even used to accent certain aspects of clothing.

What is the Difference Between Cross Stitch and Embroidery?

Cross stitch is a series of well-placed X’s or crosses that form a pattern or shape.  Embroidery is used to decorate or adorn and embellish cloth and usually involves a large collection of specialty stitches used to fill in the shapes. While cross stitching does sometimes involve using some basic embroidery stitches like “back stitch”  (which is used for outlining) and “French knots” (which are used for emphasis such as creating a snow effect or used as the center of flowers); cross stitch on the whole is a  very basic execution of performing an “X” for each stitch. 

Is Cross Stitch Easy?

Cross stitch can be easy or difficult. It depends on the concentration of stitches and color placement. If there is a heavy concentration of the same color in an area, the stitching can be easy. However, if there is a smattering of what people call “confetti stitching” which means there is a color change in at least every other stitch, then it becomes more difficult. It is also easier to cross stitch when the cloth count is smaller. In other words, the smaller the cloth count (meaning the stitches per inch), the more difficult it becomes to stitch. Something done with 7 stitches to the inch is a lot easier to stitch than something with 24 stitches to the inch.