My Love Affair with Cross Stitch

My Love Affair with Cross Stitch

Posted by Tracey M. Kramer on 15th Oct 2018

It’s Worth the Wait

It starts with anticipation. Going to the mailbox can be an exciting thing if I find a cross stitch catalog waiting to be looked at. Out of that pile of mail, the cross stitch catalog is the one I zero-in on to see what new designs are available to bookmark for future purchase at a later date. Or there may be some patterns I just cannot do without and will need to order them right away. Waiting for my shipment to arrive can drive me crazy! There’s always the anxious feeling of excitement after ordering, waiting and hoping the kit is in the mailbox. Each time I go out to get the mail, I’m hoping it’s there or on the front stoop. Then there’s that pang of disappointment when I go out and find it hasn’t arrived yet because apparently it’s going to take longer than I expected. I have to remind myself that things like this don’t show up instantaneously. It’s like waiting to see someone you love.

There’s the giddiness and excitement of starting a new project, especially a challenging one if I’m up for it. Some projects can be intimidating, and those I put aside for the day when I have enough courage to tackle them.

Cross stitch is so relaxing

What can I say? I can pop in a good movie, sit in my favorite chair and pick up where I left off because I’ve used the Parking Method. I find I can divide my concentration equally between what’s on TV and what’s on my canvas. It’s wonderful to see the picture on my canvas spring to life with each stitch I make, and I marvel at the detail – a work of art is being created.

If I’ve had a long strenuous and stressful day, cross stitch puts my mind at ease and is therapeutic in making me feel more calm. Yes, God even works through our crafts to help us stay sane in an insane world. There is satisfaction in marking off large sections with my highlighter and seeing my progress on my project grow each time I work on it.

My Cross Stitch Stash

As I mentioned before, I am a collector. I believe if I ever won a sweepstakes or came into a large sum of money, I would give the Lord his due, and a good portion of the winnings would be spent on cross stitch. It’s my passion!

So, on rainy days, it’s fun to go into my walk-in closet, sit down on the floor where it’s comfortable and quiet, and pour through an entire drawer full of kits and patterns waiting to be stitched. I study them and assign who will receive this one and that one as a gift, or if I decide to keep it, which room I will hang the finished project, etc. The problem is finding the time to stitch them all. I’m sure you can identify!

What to do with the Finished Project

When the project is all finished, and I take it to the framers, there’s the satisfaction of knowing this will be a very special gift for someone special in my life, and that they will enjoy this masterpiece immensely. Just seeing the look on their face is priceless as these gifts often go onto become heirlooms in families. They will be passed down from generation to generation. It becomes a token of love to that family and you’re sharing the love.

Cross Stitch Genre

There are certain things I like to stitch including flowers, nature, landscapes especially, and the more realistic they look, the better. DMC floss comes in a large variety of colors which allows you to stitch anything you want, and makes it pleasurable to stitch projects as they’ve just about covered every hue under the sun when it comes to recreating the beauty of this world.

The Great All-time Icebreaker

Cross stitch is something I never have to be without. It can also be portable, depending on the size of the project. If my project is small, I can take it with me if I’m waiting in a waiting room. I can’t stand for my hands to be idle, so this is the perfect solution. When people see me work on it, those who would not normally approach me come up and strike up a conversation with me because they are fascinated with the skill and devotion that goes into it.

Method of the Madness

Cross stitch also allows me to incorporate my desire to be organized. I keep my floss in what I call a “project box” and keep them all in numerical order for ease of locating the correct one. I use several threaded parked needles to make the journey smoother. These are just a few of the little quirks I have adopted to make the craft even more pleasurable.

Shopping for Cross Stitch

I am drawn to shops that feature supplies and accessories for cross stitch and other forms of needlework. If my family is with me, they might as well kick back and let me take my time because more than likely it’s a place where I could spend hours on end, but I won’t overstay my welcome. It would be nice to have a blank check from “the cross stitch fairy” and just go nuts shopping as a once in a life-time thing. Only in my wildest dreams would this ever happen.

It’s Raining Patterns

A friend of mine was helping to clean out the home of her mother-in-law who was going to move into an assisted living situation. Upon opening a closet door, she discovered loads of vintage needlework items, patterns, magazines, tools, threads, etc., and she thought I might like to have them instead of throwing them out and letting them go to waste. When she brought over two van loads of these items (which by the way filled up my entire living room), I sat in the middle of these treasures and it felt like Christmas in July! I suddenly became a kid in a candy shop enjoying every minute of looking at these gifts.

Sharing the Love

Sharing your passion to stitch can be a very pleasant thing to experience. Stitching is satisfying whether you’re alone or whether you’re with friends or loved ones. You experience a closeness and kinsmanship when in fellowship with family and friends, and there is sense of belonging when you’re in the presence of fellow crafters in discussing the movie you’re watching or talking about your individual projects.

Some say they hope there is cross stitch in heaven. I would have to say I share these hopes and dreams. How lovely it would be to be able to stitch God’s heavenly glory and recreate his creation on tapestries.

All in all, cross stitch has to be my favorite hobby, and it’s one that I plan to keep doing for as long as possible. You don’t need a lot of accessories to create a masterpiece.