My Quest to Find the Perfect Stitching Space

Posted by Tracey M. Kramer on 25th Sep 2019

My Current Situation 

The urge to stitch can become very powerful.  So powerful, that if you’re like me and do not have a specific area for crafting, you tend to set up little stitching posts in each room in the house except the bathroom for sure.  Anywhere I feel most comfortable, that is where I like to stitch.  I would love to someday have my own craft room, but since I do not right now, I will have to make do.  I am so heavily into crafts as a whole that I am convinced that even if I had a craft room, I would still be stitching in any room available in my home because I cannot stand to sit idle.  Right now I have a large frame set up in my bedroom where I am working on a large cross stitch portrait.  Near my bedside, I have four crochet projects in progress (i.e. a black and white poncho, a mermaid poncho, a prayer shawl, and an elf hat).  The spare room is home to a really huge rug frame which I am using to perform needlepoint on a large wall tapestry.  Just a few feet away is a card table set up with a diamond painting project.  Downstairs on the main level, my kitchen table has also served as a paint by number station for my latest works, and even a place to work one of the many jig-saw puzzles I have, but I would have to work it at breakneck speed to get finished in time for dinner.  Across from my TV near my recliner, I am close to completing a needlepoint project from the famous Stitchery company in Europe called Ehrman from the designer Ann Blockley.  Crafts and prayer are nurturing to the soul and keep me sane in an insane world.  Whenever I go out and I’m going to be sitting for at least 30 minutes, I always take one of my crafts with me to occupy my time and keep my hands busy so I am never away from my crafts.

A Look into the Future 

As I stated earlier, I would love to have an entire room dedicated to crafting, a room where I can feel free to create.  If you’re like me and you do not have the option to do this, there are new and innovative alternatives.  For instance, the Scrapbox is a space-saving craft station that opens up and folds out.  The item resembles a large wardrobe closet that contains multiple shelves, drawers, and loads of compartments, and even has a fold-out table and lighting.  The designers of this product really had craft lovers in mind as they thought of everything you would ever need.  As you can imagine, this craft station is not cheap, but I’ve read reviews from hundreds of happy customers that it is well worth every penny.   The Scrapbox is unique because it can be set up in any room as long as there is room for it to fold out.   Some crafters go as far as putting up a “she-shed”  in their backyard a short distance from their homes that doubles as a craft station and a getaway retreat from all of the chaos in the household.

My Dream Craft Room

Whatever space I am blessed to have, I would insist on having light-colored woodwork and cabinets so that the very crafts and supplies themselves set the tone of color in the room.  I would have plenty of natural light streaming in from windows and a skylight, a large table in the center of the room fit for puzzle working, material cutting, machine sewing, etc.  There would also be a sacred area where I can kneel down and commune with God and tell him all my problems.  In one corner I would have a grand rocking chair perched on a braided rug where I can rock and crochet, knit, etc.  The floor would be some form of linoleum or that new waterproof hardwood surface that is easy to clean and is warm to the touch under my bare feet.  I would have a stool on wheels that I could use to zing around the room from one cabinet to the next for collecting my materials for future projects.  Anything necessary to get the creative juices flowing would be used like classical music, Irish music for further stimulation.  A feeling of extreme comfort and well-being is desired.  The massive table should be a place where I can leave my sewing machine up and not have to take it down every time I get ready to use it.  The room should also have a sink where I can wash out my paint brushes, and a few house plants to keep me company.  Once in a great while I will bring my bunny Sofie in to hop around and explore my world, as long as the electrical cords are hidden and out of her reach.  This is my dream-come-true craft room.  Only my close friends and family would be permitted a tour my sanctuary.  Welcome to my world.  What is your dream-come-true craft space?