Seven Things You Can Make with Cross Stitch

Posted by Tracey M. Kramer on 15th Oct 2020

There are a lot of things you can make with cross stitch like pictures or portraits for framing, Christmas stockings, bell pulls, decorative pillowcases, afghans, and cross stitch can even be applied to clothing as an accent. I’ll explain each scenario in detail.

1. Framed Pictures of Portraits or Scenery: This is the most common project completed with cross stith.  The project is stitched, washed when finished, and taken to the framers at your local craft shop. Afterwards, the finished piece is now ready to hang on your walls in your home. The pictures can range from very small and easy to complete to very large with an expert level of difficulty. Whatever the case, when your project is finished, there is nothing more satisfying than hanging that finished piece on your wall for all to admire.

Cross Stitch portraits

2. Christmas Stockings: They are a favorite among stitchers and provide a special touch to your fireplace. Amazon provides beautiful kits of stockings designed by Dimensions that are very colorful, animated and have that homespun look.

Christmas Cross Stitch Stock

3. Bell Pulls: Bell pulls have an interesting history in that they were largely used during the Victorian era and were a sign of wealth and prominence. They were used to summon workers like maids and butlers in well-to-do households. The bell pull projects made today are seldom used for this purpose; however, they make a beautiful finished project for displaying a splendid work of art near a doorway in an area of distinction.

Bell Pulls Cross Stitch

4. Pillowcases: Cross stitch that is used on pillowcases is often stitched on stamped fabric that shows exactly where the stitches go on the fabric. It is stitched along the outer hem near the opening of a pillowcase to add a touch of formality or to make a pillowcase less plain and bright and lively with stitching.

Pillowcases cross stitch designs

5. Afghans: Cross stitched afghans are often used as throws on couches or chairs. The afghans used for these projects usually have large blocked off areas of aida cloth where you could stitch a number of things such as flowers, scenery, etc. These throws usually turn out to be show pieces and are not really meant to wrap up in so as not to ruin the stitchwork. They could turn out to be lovely display items in your home.

 Afghan Cross Sttch

6. Clothing: Some stitchers have been known to actually perform stitching on their own clothing creating colorful areas of embellishment used for emphasis. The art of blackwork cross stitch was often worn by nobility on the cuffs of their sleeves and collars to give these areas a formal lacy look. . Today cross stitch is used on articles of clothing like denim jackets, shirts, pants, etc. and is performed by using waste canvas. The canvas is placed over the item on which you want the image to appear, and you stitch on the canvas and the material beneath. When finished, the waste canvas strands are pulled away leaving the cross stitches in place.

clothing cross stitch

7. Baby Items: Cross stitch can be used to provide beautiful stitchwork on baby bibs, collars on dresses, blankets and other articles of clothing for your baby. These embellishments make the clothing all the more special as they add a personal touch made from the heart.

baby cross stitch items

Whatever you choose to stitch, give it your best, put a lot of love in it, and if the quality and durability is there, it could become a treasured heirloom to pass down from generation to generation. Happy Stitching!