Top Cross Stitch Websites Worthy of Paying a Visit

Top Cross Stitch Websites Worthy of Paying a Visit

Posted by Tracey M. Kramer on 16th Oct 2016

Some of the best and most beautiful cross stitch patterns are found at sites by designers who specialize in creating “realistic looking” patterns.

Sunrays Creations Needlearts

SunraysCreations Needlearts, who has been in business since 2005, is a website that caters to “realism” in a big way.  The site features a wide variety of fine art patterns created from well-known artists in history.  The patterns, although they may have some confetti stitching, can be simplistic or challenging, but their instructions are easy to follow and are very thorough.  The patterns use lots of colors, but the more colors, the more realistic the patterns look.  Large grid squares are used in the patterns to make them easy to read, and complete instructions on care and maintenance of the finished project are included.  Three options are given for the purchase of patterns which are PDF digital format, hard copy format, or kit format.  Instructional videos and articles are available to customers and are useful, especially the FAQ section.  They even have a “gently used” section of vintage cross stitch magazines for those of you who are collectors.  The site also boasts a large nostalgia section for people who like to stitch vintage figures, and many other categories of interest.  Prices may vary and go as low as $8.00 to as high as $50 for a pattern, depending on the size and complexity of the pattern.  Special services even include custom made patterns.  As far as difficulty, there are five levels of difficulty from the easiest all the way to “major league” patterns for the experienced stitcher.  You will find Sunrays Creations on Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest and Instagram.  As a bonus, the site includes patterns from world renowned artist Charles White where he is given a feature presentation including the lovely spectacular works of Hans Zatzka. Yes, Sunrays Creations has something for everyone!


Golden Kite Cross Stitch

Golden Kite Cross Stitch, who has been in business since 1998, is a site that focuses their patterns mainly on the fine arts creating beautiful patterns from the famous works from the old masters (artists).  The patterns are very detailed, have seven levels of difficulty, come in multiple sizes, and you are given a choice of either solid or blended colors.  Sales events are a frequent occurrence on the site, and they have a large inventory of patterns and also cater to stitchers who like large patterns.  They offer patterns in three formats, PDF, patterns or kits, and the kits are very professionally done.  Images of products are not framed, so you will have to imagine how your finished work would look if it were framed, but it is a very classy site filled with beautiful patterns, works in progress, etc.   You can find them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Scarlet Quince

Scarlet Quince is another great site for realistic looking patterns that are quite lovely.  The site is organized well in simplistic fashion and is free from any difficulty of finding what you’re looking for.  They have a friendly atmosphere where no one feels left out and questions get answered.  They also have a wide variety of patterns created from fine art paintings.  They feature a section of prize-winning patterns customers have stitched.  But the thing that stands out the most is their excellent tutorial section, FAQ section, and information in general about how to stitch their patterns including valuable cross stitching tips.  Special services include a personalized e-card service where you can pick one of their pattern images to send to that special someone.

Heaven & Earth Designs


& Earth Designs is a fantasy lover’s dream, and they dominate the world of fantasy cross stitch with their whimsical designs spawned by all of our dreams.  The website is very colorful and engaging with loads of patterns by various artists, but their main focus is fantasy and they have quite a selection of patterns.  They are known for their confetti stitching, so working one of their patterns is not for novice stitchers.  However, there are patterns on their site that a beginner could probably handle.  They sell not only marvelous patterns, but they sell all of the accessories to complete the patterns.  You have the option of either just purchasing the pattern, or you can purchase the pattern and build upon it by adding floss, material, etc. 

These four top cross stitch designers are distinguishing themselves from the crowd and are worthy of you paying a visit.

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