Types of Cross Stitch Patterns I Prefer and Ones I Avoid

Posted by Tracey Kramer on 20th Jan 2022

These are some of the things I like or am personally attracted to when it comes to cross stitch patterns, and there may be things different from what you like; however, everyone has different tastes, so there is no right or wrong answer.  As a long-time stitcher, I am definitely attracted to cross stitch patterns that have the following attributes:

  • Easy to read written instructions


  • Large grid sizes that make reading the symbols easier 

  • Colorful patterns with color combinations I think go well together 

  • Mature subject matters without the “cutesy cartoonish” factor 

  • Realistic-looking patterns that could pass as a photograph when finished. 

  • I enjoy stitching beautiful landscape scenery, flowers, pastoral scenes and beautiful people.  

The patterns I avoid stitching or try to stay away from are as follows: 
  • Patterns that require a lot of French knots – To this day, I have not perfected making French knots, and when I do make them, the task is daunting, especially if there are a lot of them to make. 


  • Hard to Read Patterns which can be of poor quality or they have been misinterpreted from a foreign language to English incorrectly. 

  • Small grid patterns which make symbols hard to read. 

  • Subversive Patterns (i.e. patterns that use profanity and vulgar language) 

  • Blended Color Patterns. I tend to shy away from blended color patterns because it will take me twice as long to stitch such a pattern due to having to take time to match up colors before stitching.  In fact, if I know a pattern has blended colors ahead of time, I most definitely will forego purchasing it to save myself the headache.  You can get the same effect of blended color pattern by simply choosing the same pattern if it has a lot more colors than the one that is blended.  It will produce the same effect.