The Best Way to Prepare Your Cross Stitch Fabric for Stitching

Posted by Tracey Kramer on 22nd Sep 2021

Cross Stitch Tips

Protecting the Edges : When I began stitching many years ago, I used to use masking tape to place around the edges to prevent fraying. This was quick and easy; however, when the time came to remove the tape, it ended up creating a sticky residue and even gentle tugging of the tape caused the fabric to fray and pull apart. I no longer use that method and simply get my sewing machine out, set it for zig-zag, and stitch around all edges. This is a full proof way that not only prevents fraying, but you do not have to remove the stitching when the time comes to frame your finished work. This method can be used whether you are stitching on Aida cloth or even weave cloth product/zweigart%26%23174-+25- ct.+lugana+evenweave-1+yd+ .

Is Prewashing Necessary ?: As far as prewashing, I don’t think that’s necessary unless you have gotten the fabric visibly dirty prior to stitching.

Finding the Center Mark : After you’ve finished your zig-zag stitching around the edges, if you’re stitching from a large pattern that is a one-piece sheet instead of a page by page pattern, you can find the center of the cloth by folding the cloth in half, and then fold again in half again to form a quarter piece. Now pinch the corner at the fold hard and then open the cloth completely. The exact center of the cloth is now revealed where you pinched it and is the exact center mark where you would begin stitching. If you would like to see this technique on video and you would prefer to start stitching from the center of your fabric like described above, I have a video I made just for those who like to stitch this way instead of page by page at https://www.sunrayscreations. com/cross-stitch-videos/