Don’t Let the Dark Cloth Scare You--Tools That Make Stitching on Dark Aida Easier

Don’t Let the Dark Cloth Scare You--Tools That Make Stitching on Dark Aida Easier

Posted by Tracey M. Kramer on 18th Jul 2019

Are you one of those people who passes up the opportunity to stitch a spectacular cross stitch pattern just because it was stitched on black or navy Aida cloth? Say no more. You have to admit the pattern you saw was strikingly beautiful or it would not have caught your attention in the first place. It’s common knowledge that images stitched on black, navy or any other dark cloth really stand out BIG TIME! The dark background brings out the colors of the images and really makes them pop like never before. But, you don’t have to stay away from them; instead choose to embrace them!

There are several tools available you can use to deal with stitching on dark cloth. First of all, if you’re going to stitch on dark cloth, I would highly recommend Aida cloth.  I would not recommend stitching on evenweave fabric as it would be virtually impossible to see the holes. For starters, choose a lower count Aida cloth in your favorite dark color like 14ct which works just fine. You can even stitch successfully with 16ct or 18ct, but the higher up you go in count, the more difficult it becomes on black cloth, but since it’s Aida cloth, you should have no major difficulty stitching on the three counts I mentioned. Anything higher than that will increase the difficulty.

A handy tool to use that will illuminate the holes better involves using a lightboard.  If placed on the lap, the light will shine from the bottom and illuminate the holes making it possible to stitch. If you don’t have a lightboard, a white pillowcase or even a white sheet of paper will do just fine. Use of a lap frame which would allow you to place a lightboard or a white sheet underneath your work would also be a big help.

A lighted magnifier also makes seeing your work better and reduces eye strain when trying to see the holes.

Speaking of patterns with black backgrounds, there is a fine new collection called The Black Collection featured at Sunrays Creations Needlearts where you will have a host of spectacular patterns of this sort to choose from at:

You may need to take a few breaks every now and then when stitching on dark cloth, but try to make good use of your time and multitask. The important thing is to remember to stay positive and soon you will see your pattern come alive with color!