Psyche Entering Cupid's Garden, RE-300

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RE-300 2
Level of Difficulty:
Level 4 - Challenging

This fine art counted cross stitch pattern entitled Psyche Entering Cupid's Garden designed from a painting by John William Waterhouse shows Psyche trying to enter cupid's garden to see what he looks like in broad daylight.  At first, Cupid had been ordered by Venus (his jealous mother) to punish Psyche for her beauty, but instead Cupid ended up falling in love with Psyche at first sight, but only agreed to meet with her at night to prevent her identifying him.  Thus, Psyche's curiosity has gotten the best of her, and in this scene she is seen peeking past the opened garden gate hoping to catch a glimpse of Cupid.  Upon opening the gate, she is enthralled to see a beautiful sumptuous garden with a stately mansion, vegetation and flowers.  Only full cross stitches are used in our patterns. No blended colors are used. We only use an abundance of solid colors as it produces a more realistic effect.

Artist: John William Waterhouse

Stitch Count: 324w x 515h
Fabric: Aida, Antique White

Four approximate finished sizes:
14,16,18 and 22 Count

Final Pattern Sizes:
14 Count, 23-1/8w X 36-3/4h in
16 Count, 20-1/4w X 32-1/8h in
18 Count, 18w X 28-1/2h in    (Kit comes in 18 count size)
22 Count, 14-5/8w X 23-3/8h in


*Please Note: The above dimensions do not include frame or mat.

Number of Colors Used: 125

What you will receive!!! Our patterns arrive with a color visual photo of finished design, wash and care instructions, handy tips for working the pattern, instruction sheet detailing color of fabric, sizes, a complete color listing including number of skeins to purchase. The pages are safely enclosed in a clear, reclosable polybag.