Getting the Best Price for DMC Floss is Worth its Weight in Gold!

Posted by Tracey M. Kramer on 10th Mar 2020

Learn How to Conquer the Ever Rising Costs of DMC Floss

DMC Floss

If you’re like me, an avid cross stitcher, you have noticed the steadily rising cost of DMC floss for cross stitch projects. It has been increasingly difficult to find the best price and find enough of it available when you need it.

Do you remember the days when DMC floss used to be 0.33 per skein, and back then we thought that was highway robbery until the recent price explosion occurred, and now we have the current price at most places of $0.56 per skein. Now we wish for those days when floss was cheaper, but they probably will never return. However, there are things you can do about it and save a bundle. You have to be smart and savvy and keep abreast of coupons and sales events each craft store in your area is offering.

When taking on large projects requiring you to purchase a large amount of floss in specific colors, Walmart has a consistently lower price of DMC floss; however, they have cut back on the variety of colors. I have seen Walmart’s DMC floss as low as 0.48/skein and they are currently selling 12/box on-line for $7.84 (which technically is still above the going rate of 0.56/skein). However, the Walmart I go to in Columbus, Ohio used to stock many of the colors priced well below the going price, but now they have cut back severely and only a few staple colors are available. If you are finding this to be true in your area, you should not let this hinder you from shopping. Simply purchase whatever colors you need at a sizeable discount at Walmart and purchase the remaining floss you need for your project elsewhere like JoAnn’s Fabrics. If you pay particular attention to their coupons, you can save a lot of money there. For instance, they often have sales such as 5 DMC skeins for $2.00, or you can really save if you use their coupon for 20 to 30% off your entire order of floss. The latter coupon is the one I often use as there is not much savings if you use the 50% coupon just for one item.

Michaels is another store that sometimes provides savings on DMC floss. They have fewer sales and coupons; however, if JoAnn’s is having a sale via coupon, Michael’s often honors their competitor’s coupons. You just have to be persistent and ask at the time of purchase, and they more than likely will honor another store’s coupon. Hobby Lobby sometimes has discounts on their floss, but not as often as JoAnn’s or Michaels.

If you are ever in a bind and all of the craft stores in your neighborhood do not have the particular colors of DMC floss you need, you can always count on the online store 123Stitch. They may not have any discounts at the time you order, but they are very speedy about processing your order and getting the floss to you in record time.

There is an online craft store called Traditional Stitches Co. who has a floss program. If you join their program, you will receive 20 skeins of DMC floss each month with a 10% savings of the retail price (which could be a way to keep your stash up to date and free from running out). You can even customize your stash of 20 you receive monthly by indicating the colors you already have so that you don’t receive duplicates.

You might even be able to get some deals on Ebay. They currently have a pack of DMC floss, 36 skeins of Popular Colors all for only $9.99 plus $3.00 for shipping.

In any case, some savings in your purchase is better than no savings, but if you are diligent in keeping abreast of the sales, this price increase will be just a small hiccup in your quest to purchase enough floss for your next special project.