Craft Room versus a Craft Closet | Things to Consider

Posted by Tracey M. Kramer on 19th Nov 2020

If you’re crafty like me and you do not currently have a special place in your home designated strictly for crafts, then your projects are probably all over the place like mine. That is a symptom of being a craft-a-holic which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be very good, if contained, in a neat, orderly fashion. If you desire to keep neatness, as a rule, in your home and have the space, a craft room would be ideal.

Most people do not buy a house that comes complete with a craft space. Most of the time a room becomes available in the home (like an extra bedroom) that is seldomly used or a basement. If that’s the case, your problem of where to house your crafts has been solved. To decorate your craft room, you could purchase cabinetry that will complement the room and not overpower or clash with your crafts. Muted colors like gray or white will show off and accentuate the vibrant colors of your materials without making the cabinetry the focus. To make your room look less junky, you could opt for closed-door and drawer cabinetry. Or if you want your craft materials to be more visible, you could opt for open cabinets with shelving or glass panes. Once you have chosen your cabinetry, pick out a large table for your room where multiple tasks can be performed. In my craft room, I would place this table in the center of my room. You can even incorporate storage in that table underneath to make it multipurpose.


All of the walls do not have to be covered with cabinetry. You can leave space to display your completed crafts on the walls for visitors to see. Having a craft room is a wonderful thing, especially if you have a window. Looking out of your window at nature ought to inspire your dreams and allow you to create the most fantastic creations. Stores likeHerrschners carry a wide variety of craft tools to incorporate into your room from scissors to plyers, beads, etc.


Now if you do not have the space to turn an entire room into a craft room, you can do it yourself by turning an old closet into a craft station, or if you can afford it, you can order a fantastic system already made called The Dreambox. 

It is a craft-lover’s dream where you have what looks like a large wardrobe closet on the outside, but when you open the trifold doors, there are floor to ceiling shelves on all of the doors, a ceiling with lighting, a pullout table, and oodles of specialized compartments just waiting to be filled with all of your craft needs and accessories. This system is unique in that it can be placed in any room in the house turning that room into an instant craft station. It was built to handle small rooms and spaces, and you can customize it to fit your needs. When you’re done working on your crafts, you can simply fold everything up neatly, close the door and the wardrobe cabinet looks like a very expensive piece of furniture able to fit in most decors. The starting price of such a system is $2,199. They have a payment plan for those of us who cannot afford to plunk down the full price at once. You can save yourself some money if you decide to assemble it yourself, or you can pay them to do a “prebuilt” and all you would have to do is open the box and jump right in organizing your materials.

Either way, it is important to be able to have a separate haven where you can go and unwind and create. Having your own craft space is essential to being able to tap into your own creativity and reach your fullest potential, and the end result is the ability to create beautiful things.