Topaz, GM-12

$20.00 - $142.00
GM-12 2
Level of Difficulty:
Level 5 - Big League

This gemstone beauty counted cross stitch pattern entitled Topaz designed by Tracey Marvel Kramer showcases the Topaz gemstone on our model.  Topaz is the birthstone for the month of November.  It is a semi-precious stone that is very versatile and comes in many colors and forms like blue, violet, pink, greenish yellow, golden yellow, azotic and mystic which has many colors.  Although the most popular color of Topaz is blue and is extremely rare, we chose to show it in a more popular color such as golden yellow color which is Citrine.  Topaz is mentioned in the Bible as present in the first row of stones in the breast plate for Aaron.  (Exodus 28:17).  Topaz was also one of the gemstones present in the garden of Eden. (Ezekial 28:13).  It is found all over the world in Africa, Asia, Brazil, Central and North America, Europe and Australia.  The symbolic traits associated with Topaz are love and affection, calmness, good health, joy, generosity, pursuit of dreams without worry and faithfulness, friendship, courage, and self-control.

Artist: Tracey Marvel Kramer

Stitch Count: 252w x 320h
Fabric: Aida, Antique White

Four approximate finished sizes:
14,16,18 and 22 Count

Final Pattern Sizes:
14 Count, 18w X 22-3/4h in
16 Count, 15-3/4w X 20h in
18 Count, 14w X 17-3/4h in  (Kit comes in 18 count size)
22 Count, 11-3/8w X 14-1/2h in


*Please Note: The above dimensions do not include frame or mat.

Number of Colors Used: 117

What you will receive!!! Our patterns arrive with a color visual photo of finished design, wash and care instructions, handy tips for working the pattern, instruction sheet detailing color of fabric, sizes, a complete color listing including number of skeins to purchase. The pages are safely enclosed in a clear, reclosable polybag.